How Concrete Driveway Contractors Install Lighting

Let There Be Light!

Envious of your neighbor’s clear and well-lighted driveway? Perhaps you just want a clear path to your garage at night? Installing lights for driveways isn’t complicated as you think, and many concrete driveway contractors would even offer to have them included in designs. Plan to get this started by yourself? If so, let’s get started!

Step 1: Prepare a plan!

When installing driveway lights, produce a survey drawing. You just need some tape, paper, and a pencil. The finished illustration does not need to be highly detailed, but it does need to show the drive to scale. A simple sheet of A4 portraying the form of your driveway on a scale of 1:50 is perfect.

Step 2: Mark!

Mark where the electrical supply will come from, whether from the main box or secondary sources like the garage. If in doubt, ask an electrician or a driveway contractor for advice. Include where the lights will be placed as well. In addition, mark where you want the lighting to be. The second step is for an art form since it requires designing the light systems and their sources.

Step 3: Get started!

So, you have supplies and plans ready, right? If so, get started in placing lights on your driveway. Not confident enough to incorporate them appropriately into your driveway? Typically, this kind of project requires the hands of an expert, and incorrect applications could lead to poor wirings. Learning from “how-to” sites would be a good plan, but it requires you to spend valuable time. Work with a professional contractor to ensure a well-placed lighting system without jeopardizing your spare time!

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